Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Playing with life

Today, I am going to tell you about THE video game to which I owe many hours of endless creativity, inspiration, procrastination and even sleeplessness.

Yes, we are talking about the well-known and loved The Sims series.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Rose water for skincare

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Rose water is an essential in every Mediterranean and Oriental kitchen cupboard (imagine how delicious it is in rice puddings and pastries!), but we forget that it has amazing beauty benefits.

I love, for one, how the scent of roses the body and soothes the senses; those of you who have been reading this blog for several years know that whenever I can use a rose-based body wash, perfume or skincare product, I do!

Recently I've started using rose water (from my kitchen cupboard) as a toner, before my moisturizer in the morning, and the extra-virgin coconut oil I apply to nourish my skin in the evening (my beauty routine also includes treating spots and blemishes with lavender essential oil). And I've realised after a few days that aside from the moral boost I get by smelling it, that my skin had gotten much less irritated than usual, especially around my period, which is the time it gets worse.

I'm happy to have discovered this amazing, versatile and natural product (you can even make your own), and definitely recommend it to everyone!

Do you use rose water in your beauty routine? Are there any other kitchen essentials that you use on your face and body as well? I'd love to hear about it in the comments below!




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Monday, June 27, 2016

A changing body

This week-end, I went to the mall and did some window shopping at Macy's, Nordstrom, and several smaller boutiques. I tried on clothes, but did not buy any. This shopping trip was about motivating myself to keep eating healthy and exercising. I made the promise to treat myself to a few items I really loved (like this gorgeous blush Burberry coat, that would look just perfect on me if I just lost a little bit of weight in the hips/bottom area), once I will have reached a weight that feels healthy to me.

And sometimes, this is the kind of motivation you need, when you burn an entire batch of kale chips* AND rub your eyes with fingers that have just sprinkled Piment d'Espelette on the kale chips in question. You need strong motivation to avoid giving up on healthy eating, and this is where the idea of a designer-filled wardrobe comes in.

Because we're so vain totally worth it!

Many of us find themselves in this situation: how to dress when my body is changing? Is it worth investing in wardrobe basics when I know they will be too large in several months? Here are a few tips I've learned (and am still learning!) along the way:

Friday, June 24, 2016

The Dinner Party Guide



Where and when:

In our flat on a Friday or Saturday night, when most people hit the clubs, movie theaters, and restaurants in the city.

Who to invite:

No more than four to six people, the perfect amount for uncomplicated entertaining, as Coco Chanel once declared. Brilliant people of different backgrounds.

What to wear: 

A little black dress and high heels. The simpler, the better. Perhaps a smokey eye to look just a little polished for your guests. 

What to eat: 

The idea is that you spend less time in the kitchen and more with your guests, so here are a few options:

A meal of French and Italian cheeses, varieties of saucissons, caviar, smoked salmon and bread. Because such a feast shouldn't just be for the Christmas réveillon.
 A multitude of sushi ordered in advance, kept in the cold, and served on minimalistic black dishes with seaweed salad and miso broth.
A boeuf bourguignon, coq au vin, tajine de poulet with couscous, or another classic dish you master, prepared hours in advance and slowly simmered on the stove, filling the place with a delicious smell. Served with a salad of fresh arugula, tossed at the last moment with nothing more than salt, pepper, olive oil and lemon juice.  

For dessert, offer quality ice cream (or homemade granité, we love this recipe) in cocktail glasses with mint leaves for garnish. Or, if you're a total disaster in the kitchen, ne vous prenez pas la tête*: just go to the French pastry shop and buy a few individual opéra cakes that you will keep cold until after the meal.

What to drink: 

Martini Rosso for cocktails, red wine with dinner, and Perrier because flat water is for flat people.**

What to do: 

"Refaire le monde" with music playing softly in the background, talking about the inépuisable***
subjects of arts, sex, and politics and have animated debates all night long, because it shouldn't just be reserved for presidential candidates. #NonMais !



*The equivalent of this delightful French expression is "don't give yourself a headache"

*Okay, I just made this one up right now, but it should totally be a real saying!

**Although my word editor just underlined this word in red, it's so much more stylish to use it rather than "endless"! Don't you think?
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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Quick bites!

Don't misunderstand me, I love to cook, sometimes (I happen to just be lazy) (I hate to cleanup) I don't have time to prepare meals at home, and while I love going to my favourite restaurants, sometimes I just don't have the time to sit through a proper meal (which is an imperative for me, I like to take my time and HATE to be continually rushed by servers! No one would dream of doing this in France). So I rely on five fast-casual eateries near me that have delicious and healthy, clean food!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Stories of women in World War II

I was planning to talk to you about a historical novel that I love very much, but had trouble picking one since this is by far my favourite genre. So I decided to write about three of them that have a theme in common: they all tell the stories of women living in Europe during World War II.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Bloody Hell!


Please take a moment to imagine Your Favourite Blogger (aka me, obvs!), writing this post while lying in bed with a hot water bottle on her stomach, and, next to her, a bag of Riesens chocolates and a cat-shaped mug of Lebanese red wine, with Francis Cabrel songs playing in the background.

The reality is a little less caricatural: I'm writing this post at Le Pain Quotidien, sipping Earl Grey and enjoying their delicious dark chocolate brownie, and I'm listening to piano music mixing with the chatter of a French couple at the table next to me, and all four generations of a Persian family a little farther away.

Now that I've given you a behind-the-scenes image, the topic of the day is, you've maybe guessed it, our periods, and how we deal with them.

Monday, June 20, 2016


Let's talk about the floral appliqué trend. We've seen it recently on nearly everything, from haute couture gowns on the spring-summer runway to ready-to-wear collections in the front windows of our favourite boutiques and chain-stores.

And while we admire the craftsmanship behind the delicate embroidery, let's ask ourselves the obvious question:

Should it be exclusively reserved for the Queen of England's garden party?

(That being if you are lucky enough to receive an invitation! #LetsBeReal) 

Not necessarily.

In my opinion, it is possible to pull off this trend without looking like a garden fairy on a sugar high.

And here's how:

1. Black or white:
My approach to fabrics and texture that could be potentially problematic (see my take on leopard print here, and stay tune as we'll talk about sequins this winter!) is to wear them in black or white. You can never go wrong with these two colours, which are elegant, flattering, and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion (I'm thinking espadrilles during the days, golden sandals at night, and mules for just any occasion!)

2. Lingerie: 
Lingerie and florals go perfectly together, don't you think? It's a perfect romantic combination! (however don't wear a bra with too much embroidery under a tee-shirt, it will look weird texture-wise). Let's not forget also about bathing suits, which are perfect for experimenting with such a bold trend!

3. Accessories:
Accessories are also one of my favourite ways to experiment with a new and bold trend. Try floral appliqués on a handbag or evening clutch (the bigger the item, the simpler the colour!), on high heels, or even on jewelry!

4. Boldly and proudly!
So far our approach has been all about balance and moderation. But this is where I say, what the hell. You can definitely pull off a floral Valentino gown at your next special occasion (or even for your own wedding!)! If you feel like it, go for it!

It's your turn: what do you think of the floral appliqué trend? Would you wear wear it yourself? 
Tell me all in the comments below!


Thursday, June 16, 2016

My phone, my life!

Do you ever find yourself close to a state of panic if you are away from your phone for more than a few minutes? I, for my part, am not willing to answer this question without the presence of a lawyer!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Romantic Coordinates

A big romantic at heart, I love jewelry that is sentimentally symbolic. The kind that is given to you by your sweetheart, and that you wear forever (or at least until the relationship is over). I love, in fact, the idea a discreet heart-shaped pendant, customised with the initials of the person. 

But what has recently gotten my attention are these simple gold jewels engraved with geographic coordinates. I'm a little nerdy, what can I say ;) 

I think there's something extremely beautiful and romantic about wearing something engraved with a particular location that is significant to your couple. Perhaps the place you met, the place you became a couple or were married, or the place where your significant other was born.

Do you own a piece of sentimental jewelry? I'd love to hear the story behind it!


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