Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Ten Stylish World Market Finds For A Small Apartment (en) / (fr) Dix meubles stylés World Market pour un petit logement

I've said already that I will be moving very soon to a new apartment, which will be smaller but in a better location in DC. I also haven't kept secret on this blog how much I love World Market, to the point that some are probably wondering if I am their spokesperson and they sponsor my posts (the answer: I wish!). I love everything in that store, from their candles, to their huge assortment of international food (some that bring me back to my early childhood in Lebanon), to their delicious yet inexpensive wines, and to the inspiring, tasteful furniture and home decor and accessories I can find there.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Snow Day (en) / (fr) Jour de Neige

While most people are complaining about the blizzard happening currently in DC and the North-East, I am rejoicing, I'll admit. Snow has a calming effect on me, I suppose? In any case, it's the perfect excuse to stay home, take some of your favourite books, slip on a woolen sweater and fuzzy socks, and nest up, wrapped in a warm blanket, holding a mug of piping hot tea. Even better is when this happens. Who needs anti-depressants and light therapy when there is purring around?


Alors que la plupart des gens sont en train de se plaindre du blizzard actuel à DC et sur la côte Nord-Est des Etats-Unis, je m'en réjouis, je vous l'avoue. La neige a un effet calmant sur moi, je suppose? En tout cas, c'est l'excuse parfaite pour rester à la maison, sortir vos bouquins préférés, enfiler un pull et des chaussettes en laine, et vous construire un petit nid avec une couverture bien chaude et une tasse de thé brûlant. Si ce curieux phénomène se produit, c'est encore mieux. Qui a besoin d'anti-dépresseurs et de photothérapie quand il y a des ronrons dans les alentours?

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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Romantic Essentials

I am an extremely romantic person, in both the modern and the classical sense. With Valentine's Day getting nearer, some of us may be planning elaborate dates, but I cannot think of something much better than spending a romantic evening at home (on the 14th of February or just any day) with the person you love, just focusing on one-another's company and reveling in those delightful moments.  Aside from either a good movie, or your favourite music (when it comes to me, I'm always in the mood for Italian or French romantic operas), here's a few of my essentials for a delightfully romantic evening à deux:

The softest pajama: Although there is a certain appeal to sexy underwear, wearing something such as this cotton pajama set in a soft pink colour keeps you both comfortable and romantic.

Lace lingerie: Forget the fire-engine red and leopard print, and remain classy and sexy with a simple cup-less lace bra in a soft blush colour (or, if you prefer, black). The sheerness of the fabric will give your love a hint of something to look forward to.

Champagne: It brings a festive touch to a simple evening. In France, I can find plenty of Champagne and bubbly wines choices, but this side of the Atlantic, call me a snob but I think the safest bet is Veuve Clicquot.

A diamond ring: Diamonds are never a bad idea to express your ever-lasting love. The design on this particular one has appealed me because it repeats the mathematical symbol for infinity, which I love (and given my fear of needles, it's better than getting it tattooed). On their website, Anjolee allows you to fully customize your jewelry according to preference of metal type, diamond size, diamond/gemstone quality, and length/size. If you and your love are ready to commit to one another, Anjolee has a large choice of customizable bridal set rings so you will definitely find something that will suit you and your love.

A scented Candle: A delicious scent only adds more to the romantic tone of the moment. While I could go for something more musky and sensual, rose is always a classic, fail-proof choice.

Sensual bath oil: What is a romantic evening without a bubble bath in the arms of your love? Or mutual massages to relax and bond with one another? The scent of rose has been known to help relieve stress, and even provide emotional balance. 

Fine Chocolates: Because there's nothing like being in the moment by enjoying fine, handcrafted truffles. Like the Champagne, French chocolates are the best you can get.

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Monday, January 19, 2015

Black Lace Addict (en/fr)


There's no point even repeating that I'm completely obsessed with black. So when there's black lace around, I risk going completely crazy. In my lingerie drawer, aside from two or three beige underwear that are supposed to be completely invisible under tight-fitting clothes, I mostly have an impressive collection of black bras. That I wear under everything. Sundresses, evening dresses, sheer tops, woolen sweaters, and even under a white tee-shirt. Even if it's visible. I'm probably breaking a sacred fashion rule, but I feel like doing it, so I do it. That's it.


Ce n'est même pas la peine de le répéter, je suis complètement obsédée par le noir. Alors en plus s'il y a de la dentelle dans le coup, je risque de perdre complètement les plombs. Dans mon tiroir à lingerie, hormis les deux ou trois pièces beigeâtres supposées être invisibles sous des vêtements moulants, j'ai surtout une impressionnante collection de soutien-gorges noirs. Que je porte en dessous de tout. Robes de plage, robes du soir, hauts transparents, pulls en laine, même en dessous de tee-shirts blanc. Même si ça se voit. Je suis probablement en train de briser une règle sacro-sainte de la mode, mais j'ai envie de le faire, alors je le fais. C'est comme ça.

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Friday, January 16, 2015

This Week (or rather, lately) (en) / (fr) Ces derniers temps

My friend's kitten, being a goofball as usual.

After the horrendous murder that took place at Charlie Hebdo last week, I have been unable to find it in myself to write about relatively light subjects, or even published pre-scheduled posts. I have always been a reader of this paper, loving its provocative sense of humour and the constant affirmation that freedom of speech is absolute. Now more than ever, I believe in this message: that freedom is the ultimate thing to aspire for.

I know I have not done any Weekly Highlight in a while; those following me on Instagram (@elledangereuse) have seen what I've been up to lately, so this is a little recap of the last few weeks, focused specifically, given the climate, on what cheers one up.


Après le meurtre horrible qui a eu lieu à Charlie Hebdo la semaine dernière, je n'ai pas été capable d'écrire sur les sujets légers que je couvre d'habitude ici, voire même de publier des postes déjà écrits d'avance. J'ai toujours été lectrice ce journal, et j'adore le sens de l'humeur provocateur et l'affirmation permanente que la liberté d'expression est absolue. Plus que jamais maintenant, je crois en ce message : que la liberté est l'idéal ultime qu'il faut essayer d'atteindre.

Je sais que je n'ai pas fait de Weekly Highlight depuis assez longtemps (même si celui-ci est le premier que je fais en français, et trouver un titre qui ne fait pas lourdingue, ça va être la galère alors je pense garder "This Week"). Ceux d'entre vous qui me suivent sur Instagram (@elledangereuse) ont suivi mes aventures ces dernières semaines, alors voici un petit récapitulatif, avec pour thème les diverses choses, étant donné le climat, qui aident à se remonter le moral.